Chinese Beige Limestone Cobble Stone for Outdoor Paving, Cube Stone Paver

Chinese Beige Limestone Cobble Stone for Outdoor Paving, Cube Stone Paver

chinese beige limestone cobble stone for outside paving, cube stone paver 

Welcome to inquiry the paving stone with us ! We will not permit you down !

We have Granite/Slate/Limestone/Bluestone/Pebble ect. for paving stone. 
With these content, you will get cube stone, meshed paving, mad condition paving, pebble paving. 

We source the cubestibe/cobblestone solitary or on mesh at diverse kinds, finishes, appearances, thickness and textures.

Floor Ending
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Antiqued, Bush Hammered, Pineapple, Chiseled, Sandblasted, Sandblasted & Brushed, Mushroom, Natural Cleft, Equipment Slicing, etc.

Size for Reference Paving stone
Cobblestone: 9x9x3cm, 8x8x5cm, 9x9x5cm, 10x10x5cm or CZPT.
Paving Stone on mesh: Square pattern: 50×50, 70x50cm
Admirer form Cobblestone sample: 74x46cm, 85x50cm or according to your design.
Other measurements are CZPT on comprehensive necessity.

Cobblestone color  
Grey paving stone , black paving stone, dark grey paving stone, Red paving stone, Yellow paving stone.
Such as G603 paving stone, G684 paving stone, G654 paving stone, G682 paving stone

Right here are the well-known dimensions: 

Single Cuber Stone
Dimension (cm)
Meshed Paving Stone
Dimension (cm)
Dimension (cm)
5x5x5 50×50 12x12x50 12x22x60
7x7x7 50×50 12x12x75 12x22x80
8x8x8 55×85 12x12x100 12x22x100
9x9x9 CZPTized 12x12x125 12x22x120
10x10x2 / 12x12x150 12x22x150
10x10x3 / 8x20x50 12x22x200
10x10x5 / 8x20x75 12x22x250
10x10x10 / 8x20x100 15x15x120
15x10x10 / 8x20x125 15x15x150
15x15x15 / 8x20x150 15x15x200
20x10x10 / 10x25x80 7x25x50
CZPTized / 10x25x100 7x25x100
/ / 10x25x120 10×25
/ / 10x25x150 10×50
/ / 10x25x200 12×50
/ / 12x25x60 12×75
/ / 12x25x100 12×100
/ / 12x25x150 15×50
/ / 12x25x200 15×75
/ / 12x25x250 15×100
/ / 12x25x300 /


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Chinese Beige Limestone Cobble Stone for Outdoor Paving, Cube Stone Paver