OEM ODM Acceptable Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools Co., Ltd Industrial Machinery Skates

OEM ODM Acceptable Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools Co., Ltd Industrial Machinery Skates

Load transferring roller dolly
Warehouse/Storage/Transport/Substance managing/Roller skids equipment transferring skates

Roller skids also named load moving roller skids,load transferring roller skates, roller dolly and so on names.
Load roller can go CZPT,can veered, can work with a few sets or much more sets as you wished.
Specially,we have roller for hefty obligation which a single established can maintain 500 tons,mainly employed on oil rigging,port transport and so on places. 

Our load skates with 3 varieties of wheels:nylon wheels,polyurethane wheels,steel wheels as ask for.
Nylon wheels for use on good and very good situation floor surfaces.
Polyurethane wheels utilised on delicate flooring or extremely painted,tiled surfaces ground.
All wheels have reduced rolling resistance.
Our load relocating roller skids have no flooring damage.
Load roller skates is steerable entrance skates for complete handle.
Load roller skates can utilized for three or more module position relocating.
Lower bodyweight and compact measurement for easy to take care of and steerable shifting.
Finer Lifting tools manufactured the load roller skates with optimum Shan Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD

There are two parts of  CA mixed roller skids, one particular is ahead with the draw bar, an additional parts is guiding the C type with two sets trolleys.
The in advance 1 which is C kind with the draw bar can be veered with 270°, the drag rod is to management the direction through staff.
The an additional parts driving the C sort is two sets cargo trolley just can go straight with one one.5 meters fixed rod. 
This a few sets of roller skids capability can be accumulated. For example, the C sort potential is six tons, on established of the A elements which just can go straight can load 6 tons as well, so, the three sets of this skids can keep eighteen tons. 
CA sort roller skids the wheels is weighty variety which is PU wheels can protected the FL oor with no hurt.
CA Type mixed roller skids information and parameters as adhere to:

Design Max Load (T) Widespread Load (T) Wheel Qty (pcs) Measurement (mm) Loading Plate (mm) Wheel Measurement (mm)
C6 12 eight four 330×300×145 Ф150 Ф115×60
A3 two 290×95×145 240×80
C12 24 16 8 530×540×145 Ф200 Ф115×60
A6 4 290×160×145 240×140
C18 36 24 twelve 660×540×145 Ф200 Ф115×60
A9 six 290×230×145 240×140
C24 48 32 sixteen 850×550×145 Ф235 Ф115×60
A12 eight 290×290×145 240×140
C30 60 40 twenty 975×550×145 Ф235 Ф115×60
A15 ten 385×290×145 240×235
C36 72 forty eight 24 1150×550×145 Ф235 Ф115×60
A18 twelve 430×290×145 280×240
C42 eighty four 56 28 1275×550×145 Ф235 Ф115×60
A21 fourteen 500×290×145 280×240

Wheel Materials: Urethane ,Alloy metal, Nylon as required. 
Authentic: ZheJiang China.
Brand name:Finer
Versions:12T,24T,36T,48T,60T,72T,84T and so on.
Payment:T/T in progress, as the amount can be negotiated.
Cost: Please make contact with us. 
Freight:  The seller offer it. 
Package deal: normal, seaworthy, export bundle.
Lead time: have stock, or depended. 


OEM ODM Acceptable Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools Co., Ltd Industrial Machinery Skates